Lessons Learned: About Pregnancy

 (a favorite treat)

The other day a coworker asked me if I knew who Dr. Spock was.
I responded that he was some alien from Star Trek.
Lesson Learned: DR. Spock is a renowned baby expert from the days when our
parents and grandparents were having babies. MR. Spock is the alien.

Today I typed my name “Becki O’Brein”. I looked at it and thought,
“Does O’Brien end in an ‘ein’ or ‘ien’?
I stared at it, and stared at it, and concluded that it was “O’Brein”.
A couple minutes later, spell check caught my mistake
as I was attempting to send off the email.

Lesson Learned: O’Brien is spelled O-‘-B-R-I-E-N.
Pregnancy messes with memory.

I have been sneezing and sneezing lately, and have been
a little embarrassed by my many frequent sneezes.

I think the people I work with are wondering what is wrong with me.
They’ve stopped saying “Bless you”
and have just begun to awkwardly ignore my sneezing.
Well, I found out last night that chronic sneezing is actually
just another symptom of pregnancy.
Lesson Learned: Next time something weird starts happening to my body
(for instance, I break out in purple spots), just assume it is because of pregnancy.
It most likely, almost 100% for sure IS FROM THE PREGNANCY.

My least favorite symptom of pregnancy is a
constant awful taste in my mouth. Mints are no match for this taste.
One night Timmy kissed me, drew back, made a gagging noise and said,
“Babe, your mouth tastes like pennies!”
Lesson Learned: Pennies taste awful. (I can neither confirm nor deny this statement,
as I have never actually tasted pennies. But apparently Tim has, and he knows.)

Timmy has been experiencing what we think might be “sympathy pains”.
He is so sensitive to my woes that he has
actually begun to develop a queasy stomach of his own.
He says over and over how much he wishes he could be the one
to suffer in my place, and I know he means it.

Lesson Learned: After a lot of thought I have concluded that,
when it comes down to it, I would never ever want to have our roles reversed.
Being pregnant is a crazy, beautiful experience. 

And I love it. 


  1. Loved reading this post! So well written and made me smile. I never knew some of those were symptoms of pregnancy - sneezing? Why!?

  2. Cutest love bug!! I love you being pregnant! I love that you are having all these funny things go on with you. Not any of the pain or sick feelings of coarse. But all the conversations that confirm WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! I think you are the most adorable girl to ever be pregnant!!!