According to Baby Center, our Love is the size of a medium shrimp this week. I’m not sure why they veered away from their usual fruit analogy, but I AM sure that I wasn’t about to pose with a medium shrimp. Gross. So, we scoured the produce section for another fruit approximately 3 inches in length. Meet the Pepino Melon. 

I don’t really like melons, and I’m sure we probably won’t be eating Pepino (it smells kind of weird), but its pretty stripey exterior and 3 inch length were perfect for our photo purposes.

13 weeks finds me still feeling sick, but incredibly excited and thankful. Friday is our first midwife appointment. Mom is covering the store so that Timmy can come with and we will listen to our baby’s heartbeat together for the first time. So amazing.

This pregnancy has definitely furthered my love for Timmy, and I can’t imagine going through this journey with anyone else but him. He is so perfectly right for me, and I am anxious for our little babe to meet her father. He has already begun talking to my stomach, and he narrates silly stories of what is going on in there...

Being pregnant has been slightly uncomfortable, but I’m loving it.
I feel like the happiest, luckiest girl in the world! Yay for 13 weeks!


  1. yay for another grandbaby
    and yay for tim and bea!

  2. I am convinced that you are surely the most adorable perfect girl that is in existence!!
    Everyday that goes by brings us one step closer to us being "us 3"! But...you will ALWAYS be my favorite!!!!