Valentine's Day

Our Valentine’s Day weekend was celebrated with a long nap, basking in the 40 degree sunshine, guacamole, Jamba Juice, travel destination dreaming, and a sleepover by the fireplace. (Which did not last all night, but should have, because sleep is sweet when flames are flickering a lullabye.) We were a little lazy, and a little adventurous, we drove long distances and we celebrated the sweet love we enjoy every single day of the year. And I broke my sugar fast long enough to delight in a decadent dark chocolate bar studded with dried pears, blueberries, and crystallized violet petals. (Talk about a magical dessert.)

It was the perfect mix of relaxing, sweet, and romantic.

Valentine's Day is the best. 

*adorable photo by Laura Zastrow Photography 

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  1. I loved our Valentine's Day honey! It was filled with love between us. Where nothing else mattered except the love between us. You and me is my favorite setting!!!