Timmy bought me a new pair of mustard yellow mittens. They pop like bright sunshine amidst a world of winter whites. Yellow is a shade of happy, and happy is the color of my heart.
My weekend consisted of all things beautiful, (and absolutely no football).
A Friday night sister night with my favorite little sweetheart. A lazy Saturday at Apple Wellness with a handsome husband who was more than willing to lounge on the futon and make me smoothies, in between a stream of customers. Chipotle for dinner, a secret celebration, a pajama party in our bed, and time spent watching an eye opening documentary called “Food Inc.” An impromptu Sunday road trip home to visit Mom and Dad. Sunny hours spent cozied together in their warm living room, long talks about life and happiness, and my favorite orange kitty purring in my lap. Mom-made chocolate oatmeal cookies, hummus and homemade pita chips, and warm vegetable soup. A long, starlit drive home with my best friend, a late night snack of hot cranberry muffins, falling asleep under piles of warm blankets, and the promise of a great week to come.
I feel full of good things. 
(And, in my mustard mittens, my fingers have never felt happier.)


  1. How delightful I feel after reading your post babe. You have such a way of writing that just makes one happy!
    I am glad you like your new gloves. What you did not tell the world was that I accidentally ruined your pretty white gloves while changing our flat tire!!

  2. Love reading your happy, well-written thoughts, Becki! And uh-oh, did Tim change your tire wearing those white gloves?!