Becki emerges from the back room of the store and doesn’t seem the tiniest bit surprised to find Timmy racing along the tops of the freezers. Rynn is jumping up and down with excitement and says “Oh, oh! Me too!” Caleb looks at Becki and wonders “What are we going to do with these two?” 

Rynn scrambles up the side of a refrigerator. Tim and Rynn run back and forth, swing on beams, and make a lot of noise. Tim runs straight into a long pipe hanging down from the ceiling, hits his head, lets out a loud yell, and exclaims “Wow that hurt! I think I’m tasting blood!” 

Becki sighs and smiles and suggests they climb down now. Tim easily maneuvers his way off the end of the refrigerator row. Rynn jumps onto Caleb’s shoulders. Becki photographs the whole escapade.

The End.

Note: All of this occurred after the store was closed. 
Note, note: We really enjoy Rynn and Caleb.


  1. hahaha! That was so much fun. I never realize that you are recording all of these exciting ventures! I love having a wife that captures memories so well!

    I love Rynn and Caleb!!!

    But I love my sweetheart the most!!!!! (thats you!!!)

  2. amazing to think that I raised up such a bunch of sillies!!!

  3. Aww!! Hahaha. We love playing with you guys. I love the title...


    Hah! Oh yes--just so.

    *hugs and love*
    Rynn (and Caleb, who is still sitting here laughing)