Our little Love is the size of a cheery green lime this week.
12 is a welcome landmark in the progression of my pregnancy,
and I am excited to leave trimester one behind me.
Day one of trimester two has been fabulous,
and I am truly hoping that my morning sickness
is going to magically disappear altogether.

My tummy has a tiny little bump that I was sure only I could notice.
But last night Tim commented that there is definitely
a small something there that was not there before.

We bought a lime yesterday to visually illustrate the size of our baby,
and Lime was carried about all afternoon.
We had a little photoshoot on the front porch,
and marveled at the (relatively) large size of it.
I was actually beginning to feel rather attached to Lime,
and abandoned my initial plan to slice it in half and use it to sweeten my water.

Without my knowing, Tim decided to play hacky sack with Lime in the living room,
and somehow ended up stepping on it.
He confessed to me, quite chagrined,
“Babe, I think I made a hole in our lime. It’s leaking juice…”

It was a little horrifying.

But the good news is he won't ever play hacky sack with our baby
and he is going to be one great Daddy. 


  1. Our precious little baby being knitted together by the Lord! I am just so thankful for every bit of progress that our little creation is making. I love that the little one is a combination of me and you!!!

    Beautiful happy cute writing my dear.

  2. Aw, love the visual w/ the lime! What a sweet little peanut! (I mean, lime!)

    And your story is too funny. You're such a good storyteller! I had to share it w/ Chris and we laughed together. :)

  3. you make me chuckle Bea.....I love you!!!.....dad