Cranberry muffins. (Just about all I can eat these days, thanks to our little Ducky.)
Caleb Jacobson. (He makes pretty music. www.myspace.com/colormehonest)

Baby name ideas. (I can't tell you what names are in the running,
but I can tell you that Charlotte and Clarence are not on the list.)

Yarn. I've been attempting to crochet a stuffed hedgehog for the baby.
(Funny thing is, I don't remember how to crochet quite as well as I'd thought.)

Everything. Really well. (My sense of smell has basically quadrupled in these past weeks.)
My goals for the weekend are to relax and to start feeling better. I can't control the second one, but I'm hoping my body will hear my resolve and magically decide to say goodbye to morning sickness.  
Also, Timmy has a Valentine's surprise in store for me this Sunday. Aren't weekends sweet?


  1. I suppose I better start writing a few lullabies for baby!!! feel better little mama

  2. Love hearing about your everyday moments as you think about Baby. And how cute that you're calling her/him "Little Ducky!" The hedgehog sounds super cute! Can't wait to see. :)

  3. You are the cutest girl EVER!! I think we accomplished your goals for the weekend babe!! My heart loves your heart 10 times more than ever before!!!