… my pajamas, and the fact that I've been wearing them all day.

… having a little sister who lives close enough to "pop over".

… smoothies for lunch.

… buying books for our baby.

… seeing our Apple Wellness ad in the Isthmus.

… writing and re-writing baby name ideas.
(because it HAS to be a name that writes prettily.)

… wearing Timmy's socks, they're extra big and cozy.

… having a little nephew and a big sister who sends me movies of bathtime.

… that it is February 12, and we're getting closer to Spring.

…almond scented lotion.

… my husband and his contagious laughter.

… Valentine's Day weekend.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day sweetheat! I wish I could tell all the world how incredible you are! You are spectacular in every area of life. I adore you with all that is within me.
    My mission is to pour every last ounce of love that my heart can spare to you. And than search the deserts, mountains, and seas to find more! Than quickly bring it to lavish you with all the more!!! You are my golden sunshine.

    Happy Valentines Day Baby!!

  2. wow...that was some serious mush, Tim!!!