In seven short months
we will have a September baby. 

 (baby "bump" 9 weeks)
 Our wee one will take a breath and arrive
into the ninth month of the year.
How will our September baby first find this big world?
*She will be welcomed into a season where evenings are spent
outside under a canopy of summer constellations.

Our baby will first feel the rays of warm sunshiney weather,
will first experience the joy of green grass,
will first know a world that is everlastingly bright
and brimming with golden sunflowers.
Tiny eyes will take in blue skies
and a tiny nose will smell the sweet and spicy scent of summer air,
just beginning to cool down into autumn.
She will find a world of thunderstorms and long days.
She will greet the vividness of September and,
just learning to live,
she may believe it will always be this way.
Of course, she’ll find that, along with everything else,
seasons change.
But September sounds
like a good place to begin. 

*I say "she" because I hate to refer to our baby as "it" and we obviously don't know if we're having a little girl or boy


  1. You are a poet Sweet Bea! What beautiful words flow from you. Our little Baby O will grow strong in body and spirit in the home provided by God, Tim and my amazing daughter! I believe that even as that little body is forming in you the attitudes and thoughts that flow through you are shaping a tiny mind and spirit.

  2. You made me tear up! Your baby bump is so cute :)

    When I was pregnant I would always say 'he' without thought....I think sometimes you know before you know ;) It will be fun to see if your little one is a darling girl or a handsome boy!

  3. Praise the Lord for our tiny 1 and 1/4 inch long! I already love being a parent with you lovie. You are the most amazing mom I could ever be a father with!

    I love the way you write. I never know when Barnes and Nobles is gonna see your writing and offer you millions to write for them!!