A Conversation: About Blogging

Timmy: Babe, I really want to start helping with some different things
in your life because you're just getting too overwhelmed. What could I do?

Me: Nothing...

Timmy: *with excitement* I know!!! I could probably put up a
Happily, Becki blog post for you!

Me: Oh really?

Timmy: Yes, I'd be like, "Hi! I'm a kitten..."


  1. big fat "LIKE"! you should have tim blog once a week... and take his own photos for the post. (:

  2. hahaha! I think I could blog about all sorts of interesting things like...the dry spot on my arm, my thin hair, or my latest embarrassment!!

  3. cute picture! and no doubt if tim were to post he's be producing some giggles!

  4. I just laughed hysterically. For several minutes.

    Tim is just too hilarious.

    Rynn (and Caleb)