Worry less and pray more. Visit a new country.
Leave refined sugar behind. Climb a mountain.
Listen to mom's advice, because it's never wrong.
Appreciate time alone. Learn to love my "real" job.
Learn to say "no". Keep in touch. Exercise.
Limit time wasted on Facebook. Be patient.
Handmake all my Christmas gifts before October.
Conquer a fear. Learn conversational French. Bake bread.
Fall more deeply in love with my husband. Try something new.

(Happy New Year! Today is the first day of a brand new 365 day set.
And with a date like 1-1-11, I feel like this year is a fresh start.


  1. Happy New Year!!!

    My new year resolution is to love Jesus more deeply thus obey Him more thoroughly. This will benefit you because I will than adore you more perfectly!


    In that order. With God as my strength to carry this out well in 2011.

  2. Good luck in your resolutions Becki! I'm always afraid to make any for fear of letting myself down ;)