Top 10 of 2010 (in alphabetical order)

When I think of 2010, I think of Apple Wellness. We
have basically been working on AW since January, and now
our little nutrition store is six months old (last week).
To take an empty concrete box and turn it into a thriving
store has been, hands down, one of the most gratifying
experiences of my life. It has been such a blessing from
God, and even when I’m sick of having to be there six days
a week, I am thankful for our Apple Wellness. 

Our vacation to Australia was definitely one of
the best parts of 2010, and getting to hug a baby
kangaroo was definitely one of the best parts of
Australia. Exploring a new country with Timmy,
on the other side of the world, on the other side
of the equator, was completely amazing.

Timmy knows how to make me feel special, and my
“Birthday Week” was one of the happiest parts of my
year. He showered me with love, presents,
and 24 helium balloons.

We love our little couple so much, and their wedding
day was one of the happiest points of 2010. Their
relationship throughout this past year has been a
constant source of joy.
We spent a lot of time with my family in 2010, and
it was an especially good year for snuggley moments.
Mom and Dad are so unwavering in their love and support
of us and our decisions. Tim and I both agree that having
them for parents makes every hard battle seem easier,
because they’re behind us 200%. 

My design business that had been lingering in the
back of my mind for years finally became a reality 

in 2010. Happily Becki joined Etsy and stocked the
"gift section" at Apple Wellness. With an average of two
sales per week (since the launch in March), I feel like
we’re off to a successful start! Plus, being in business
with my mom is just about the best thing ever.

Timmy's many guy roomies left our house in such
a state.
In 2010, we finally put in new flooring.
Definitely one of my very favorite parts of the year.

We are totally in love with this little guy.
He was born in December, but we have known about
him since April, and Baby has been such a huge,
happy part of our 2010.

Our anniversary trip to NYC in June was totally
magical. In the midst of all the busyness of opening
our store, it was totally crazy to cram a three day
vacation into our lives. But Timmy is a pretty crazy
guy, and I'm starting to catch his excitement for
spontaneous adventures.

We started out 2010 six months married and finished
up our first year together in June. Having him by
my side is the best, happiest, most beautiful blessing
imaginable. I am totally in love with this amazing man.

I can’t wait to find what 2011 has in store for us.
Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. Awwww I love you so much my honey! I have had such a great year with you! Your my favorite person and best friend from 2008 till forever!!
    Happy New Year sweetheart!!!

  2. LOVED this post! so fun to look back on your year with you. i love reading these kinds of posts. what a fun, adventure-filled life you live. :)