Two Years.

On the night before the day you asked me to be your wife, I had no idea.
No idea what the following day would hold,
and no idea how my life would change in the months and years to follow. 
Looking back, we seem so young, perched on the edge between dating and engaged. 
We were in love, and there was no stopping the fairy tale dreams crowding our hearts. 

A surprise, you told me, was what you had in mind. 
According to your vague instructions,
I packed a sweater and my camera and went to bed early. 
The morning of December 13, 2008, you picked me up at 3 AM.  
You were giddy. I was suspicious. Together we drove off to meet my surprise.
Two hours later, we arrived at the Chicago airport. 
I knew we must be lost. 
You said we were there to do some shopping. 

I didn't quite believe you, but I didn't quite have any other explanation
for us being at the airport at 5AM on a Saturday morning.

All I knew was that you were smiling, and we weren't shopping.

Some things are tricky to put into words,
and the moment you told me
"I'm flying you to Disney World
for the day!"

is one of those.
I can only describe pure shock as I stared at the tickets in your hand.

And then we twirled in circles and laughed and danced
in the middle of the airport terminal.

It was unforgettable.

I remember sitting by a young family on the plane.
The father asked you how long we were staying in Florida.
You said, "Oh, just for the day." He said, "Umm..."

And it seemed surreal.
The entire day felt like a shimmering dream, just beyond reality.
We were transported from snowstorms to palm trees,
and real life faded into the background.
All we saw was each other. 

It was my first visit to the Magic Kingdom, and I was enchanted.
You smilingly showed me the way - my Disney World pro.

In the back of my mind, I knew the reason for this journey,
and I waited all day for it.
Each time you reached for your pocket,
every magical moment
(of which there are many in the Magic Kingdom),
I would catch my breath and wonder...

And then, at the culmination of our happiest point,
as darkness fell and the Magic Castle was lit
with thousands of glittering Christmas lights,

you pulled me close and started singing
the song you had written just for me,

and it started with "I love you"
It was the first time you said those words,
because we were waiting until we were engaged.
And then I knew, with no more room for doubt, that this was it.
You ended on one knee,
in front of the Magic Castle,
in front of a little crowd of beaming spectators...
in front of the girl you loved.
And it was so emotionally overwhelming,
all I could say was the only word that mattered, "Yes".

That gorgeous and perfectly-perfect-for-me ring you had picked out
slipped on my finger and sealed the deal.
We were engaged.
And in all of my childhood fantasies,
I never dreamed my proposal would happen
in front of a castle
in the middle of the happiest place on earth. 

We ate a celebration meal of French Fries and pretzels,
watched the parade and fireworks, and left.
Drove back to the airport,
took a two hour nap in the rental car (each in our respective seats),
got back on a plane, and flew home. 

To Disney World and back in one day.
I left with a boyfriend, and came home with a fiance.

Two years later,
I find myself in such a delightful place,
married to you, my handsome prince.
I can't imagine being any happier.
But, I  have a sneaking suspicion that December 13, 2011
will find me happier still.

Our fairy tale engagement seems to have set the stage
for a fairy tale marriage.
Would you believe me if I told you
that I could not be happier? 

Happy Two Years Engaged.  


  1. Your chokin' me up Bea!!! I love you both!!!!!

  2. I praise the Lord my honey for ALL His goodness and the overwelming gift He gave me in you!
    That day was what dreams are made of. You see you got to plan our wedding day, but I got to plan the engagement day. That was the most exciting surprise I have ever created. Absolutely thrilling! I wanted to give you a gift that day that you could unwrap in your mind over and over again for the rest of our lives! I wanted to build our foundation on excitement, devotion, and "crazy love".
    I feel like I took you into my heart that day. I feel like as I said/sang "I love you" for the first time, that I gave you myself. Walking life with you has been glorious my princess.
    ...And I will spend the rest of my days convincing you that you truly are a dazzling princess!!!

  3. I love, love, love this story. :)

    And your writing.

    (And the way you grouped the photos together!)

  4. What a wonderful, romantic story! Great job planning Tim :)