Scarves To Keep Them Warm

I always try to make all of my Christmas gifts every year. 
Usually I go with some sort of theme, and make the same thing
- in different versions - for everybody. 
This year, it was scarves. 

Everyone got scarves, plaid scarves specifically.  
 The boys got "manly" ones, and the girls got "sweet" ones. 

Timmy helped me pick out five different colors and plaid patterns, 
and Mom helped me make 17 plaid scarves. (Mom is the best.)
Each scarf took roughly 1 hour to make from start to finish,
which feels like a lot when you try to do it all at once (which we did),
but really, it isn't. And they all turned out so prettily!! 
Making scarves is pretty simple.  
(Remember when I posted the directions, here? I was being sneaky,
little did you know those would be my Christmas presents. Or did you?)

All it takes is a lot of cutting, ironing, pinning, and sewing.
(Timmy actually did all of the final ironing, and he did a very good job at pressing the seams.)

Judging from everyone’s happy smiles,
my scarf presents were a delightful success! 
Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love scarves?


  1. yay! i'm sure everyone loved them! i know i would! (:

  2. Well done honey. Your heart is so big to spend 17 hours making scarves for those you love. Made gifts are right from the heart and carry such a special meaning to them. I rather have one "made" gift from you than an expensive gift any day!! Your the BEST present giver!!!

  3. you're a queen at gift-giving! i wondered what handmade gift you would be giving this year - and these are too cool. laura's right, they must have loved them!

    i'm jealous of your sewing skills, btw. my sewing machine doesn't like me.