You know you're sick when…

…after three days of misery 
and fighting a very unfriendly flu bug, 
you are barely able to drag yourself out of your nest of pillows and blankets,
to make yourself look presentable
and go to your long awaited birthday present:
Broadway's Beauty and the Beast with your husband. 

With almost zero enthusiasm.

And a bit of crying. 

And before you're even off your street, 
you beg your husband to please just TAKE YOU HOME.

But then the medicine starts to kick in again…

You make it to the theater.
 only to leave
halfway through.

Right after Lumiere sings "Be Our Guest"
and you spent the entire time

Of course, you realize that, if you weren't busy wondering
if you might throw up (so gross)
you would be enchanted by the performance,
captivated by the fairy tale theater (so gorgeous),
and loving the handsome guy sitting beside you.

But, you know you're sick when…
the thought of bed
over the opportunity to see
Beauty and the Beast on Broadway
Act 2. 

 Poor me.


  1. My poor poor honey! That was such a hard time for you. I should not of encouraged you to go. I should have made my own Beauty and the Beast broadway and performed it for you at home!!

  2. What a bummer! Isn't the flu such a meanie?

    How fun to have an archive of adventure posts to look back and laugh about later. Although I'm sure this won't be funny for awhile. Although, Tim's comment about performing Beauty and the Beast for you at home is pretty hilarious. I'd like to hear his voice for Belle. Ha!