Today is December 3rd, 
my sweet little nephew's Birth Day. 
At 4:45 this morning, our family grew 
to envelop the littlest, newest member, Baby N.
He is perfect and darling. 
We are all in love with this chunky cherub
who blessed our hearts with his sweet face 
– one week early –
which means we get to enjoy him for one week longer than we thought. 
Welcome to this big beautiful world, little one. 


  1. Yayy for the baby!! This was so fun. I just loved holding the cute little baby with you honey. It kinda gave me a picture of someday when we have a baby. I think your beauty will just multiply to me when we have a sweet sweet baby!!

    You will make the greatest mommy!!!

  2. Love that photo of baby w/ grandparents - pure preciousness! And "chunky cherub" - definitely a phrase I should remember and use. :)

    Love, love, love the joy that baby's bring - what a gift to your family (how fun will Christmas be!?).