Me: Our Christmas cards came in the mail today!! I can't wait to send them off...
Timmy: *looks at printed cards* Babe, you do realize that it looks like I am balding in this picture? Literally. Like there is a three inch strip of hair missing on my scalp.
Me: It's just the lighting.
Timmy: Oh my goodness, this is horrible...

(Timmy is not balding, for the record.)

Merry Christmas, friends. 


  1. Happy Christmas to you too, Becki! I hope yours was wonderful! :)

    I loved everything about your card - the timeline, the type, the colors - the photo too! Tell Tim I didn't even notice the illusion the lighting created.

  2. HAHA!! I had to go check my head after seeing this picture!
    These Christmas cards were just so cool babe!! I love how you get all these cool ideas that just pop into your head. You are incredibly talented!!!