You will always meet Christmas on December 25th. 
 It is always there, in that same place. 
The question is not whether you will find Christmas,  
but where Christmas will find you.  
Christmas is all about Jesus, and because He never changes, 
neither does this.  

You come to Christmas once every 365 days, 
and in between meetings, Christmas is still there, 
wherever you may land. 
The promise of Christmas never leaves. 
It is something you can count on, 
no matter where life takes you. 
December will come, 
the 24 days leading up to it will pass, 
and Christmas will be waiting to greet you 
on the calendar square marked "25". 
December 25th is Christmas Day.
(But Jesus is Christmas

and He is always there.)

This year Christmas found us


and blessed.

Reveling in the things that matter most,
and welcoming new faces to our fold.

The only constant in this world or the next, 
is the love of God, 
and the promise that comes from 


  1. Sweetest most beautiful girl! I enjoyed this Christmas with you more than any other. I love life with you. Your my treasure. Merry Christmas darling!!

  2. Loved reading this and seeing a glimpse into your Christmas!