How to Create a Fabric Scarf

#Buy two yards of pretty fabric. 
Cut the fabric in half lengthwise.

With an iron, create a ¼ inch rolled hem.


 Iron seam.

 Done! So easy. So pretty.

(It helps to have a Mom
who knows everything –
including how to make
a fabric scarf.
She helped.)


  1. Yes, those are my hands! It is fun making stuff with you Sweet Bea!

  2. These are the most beautiful scarves I have ever seen! One of the things that made me like you so much when we first met was your desire to create things. Your beautiful!

  3. My sewing machine doesn't like me. But this post, as many of your posts do, inspires me. I guess maybe my sewing machine and I can get to know each other a bit and become friends. Maybe.

  4. Beautiful! Any advice on what to do if the pretty fabric you find looks different on the back? Some printed fabric I've come across is almost white on the back. :(

  5. Kat, I had the same dilemma with some of the fabric I had picked out. It is MUCH easier to go with a fabric that is pretty on both sides, but I also think you could make an extra cozy warmer scarf if you sewed a double sided scarf (right sides together, sew around the edges, turn right side out, stitch it closed). I haven't tried it though... if you do, let me know how it turns out!! :)