Hawaii Diaries: The Seven Sacred Pools

(originally written November 21, 2009) 

Today we drove down The Road to Hana, (a 10 hour round-trip drive)  
and to the Seven Sacred Pools.  
Quite disappointing. 
I think I was expecting something a little more pool-like 
and a lot more fabulous.

First of all, there are more than seven – 
more like The Twenty Three Sacred Pools. 
But I guess that doesn’t sound as magical.
Also, it’s kind of hard to tell where one pool ends and another begins, 
so it really resembles more of a stream with little circular pockets here and there. 

 (is this one of the seven pools?)

We drove an extra 3 hours to swim in those Seven (Twenty Three) Sacred Pools, 
because it SOUNDED oh so romantic, 
despite the fact that our trusty Frommer’s guide book warned us 
they weren’t worth the trip. 

When we got there, we were immediately greeted 
with “Danger!” and “Warning!” signs, 
followed by pinned up newspaper clippings, 
detailing horrific stories of tourists who met their death while swimming in the pools. 
These traumatic instances were due to flash floods that came suddenly 
– without warning - 
and whisked those poor souls out to sea. 
The entrance to the ocean is especially rocky and rough in this area. 
And, it is guarded by man eating sharks. (Or so the sign says.) 
Their bodies were never found. 
(The narrative hinted at the likelihood of the man eating sharks 
having something to do with that.) 

 (rough ocean)

You will understand then, why the romance 
surrounding the Seven Sacred Pools quickly died in my heart.

Timmy and I were in and out of the smallest, 
most easily accessible “pool” in less than five minutes. 
Then we took an hour long nap, safe in our car. 
That may have been the best part of the entire experience. 

The Seven Sacred Pools are bo-ring
and could be hazardous to your wellbeing.
Spread the word.

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  1. *Giggling* This is too funny. :) "Is this one of the seven pools?"