Kyra and Frogs

Yesterday Timmy and I decided to go on an adventure to Milwaukee. 

In Milwaukee we found frogs and a little sister. 

In truth, it was for the frogs, and mostly for the little sister, 
that we ventured to Milwaukee in the first place. 

And so we met this little sister for coffee, our super cool and beautiful Kyra. She rocks the world with her talent, her sunny smiles, and her orange shoes with her matching orange scarf. 

I’m not sure if she’ll end up being a famous fashion designer, a world renowned musician, or an interior decorator for famous movie stars. (She could probably be a movie star, too.) But I am sure that she is, without question, one of the most loving and passionate girls I’ve known. She is also bold, bouncy, happy, adorable, hilarious almost exactly like that husband of mine –
and is the perfect person to spend the day with.

After coffee and catching up, we found our way to the Milwaukee Public Museum
– and the special frog exhibit.
Frogs are pretty fabulous little creatures.
They come in all sizes and shapes, and have many different talents.
We met frogs that could “fly”
(or glide), frogs that grow to be 7 pounds
and can eat large rodents and birds,
frogs that sit so still they look like they are made of wax,
frogs that resemble leaves,
and frogs that are so poisonous they can kill up to 10 men.

(Oh dear!)
We also met many wiggly Pollywogs.

It was pretty amazing. 


Of course, we couldn’t stop after the frogs.
The Milwaukee Public Museum never gets old,
even after visiting and re-visiting it over and over.

It’s a magical place.

The day ended with me wishing to have many more
sister and husband adventure days.
This happy combination of sister love and husband love 
is kind of like one of the best things ever. 



  1. Love the way you tell stories...both in your photos and words!

  2. This was soooo much fun!! I got to spend the day with my gorgeous wife AND wonderful sister! It was just a splendid experience through and through.

    Nice jump Kyra!!

  3. OOO Goodness did this warm my heart!! and I love those pictures!!(hppk a sister up)
    This was one of the funnest, greatest days ever!! Love you!!!