A Conversation: About 29 Months

 Tim: You're the cutest girlfriend in the world.
Me: Girlfriend???
Tim: Well, you're a girl, and you're my friend. Right? I may start introducing you that way...
Me: Please don't.
Tim: Ok, fine. How about... you're my cute little human being? 

I've been Timmy's "human being" for 29 months. 
I was his girlfriend for 6 of those months, 
his fiance for another 6, 
and have been his wife for almost 17. 
While I prefer to be called "wife", 
I'm the luckiest, happiest "human being" in existence. 
Because 29 months ago today, 
Tim O'Brien asked me to be his girl. 

I'm pretty glad he chose me. 

(We had our pictures taken by our favorite photographer Laura Zastrow, yesterday. She gave us this little sneak peek, and we can't wait to see more! Laura is fabulous. She recently photographed Jamie and her husband, and those photos turned out SO dreamy... check them out here. And Laura's website here.)  

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  1. I love you my darling sweet girl!! I like it that I still get little butterflies when I think of how much I love you! Your my perfect "wife" and I am forever glad I have you as mine!!!

    Happy 29 months babylove.