A Conversation: About Vitamin D

*As I am taking my vitamins…
Me: I don't even know what half of these vitamins are.
So, what is this one? Vitamin D? What am I taking that for?

Timmy: It's good for you.

Me: Oh. What is it good for?

Timmy: Everything. Bones, brain… immune system… mood…


*note: Timmy doesn't really think I'm moody.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!! You are truly the cutest girl that has ever existed!! These pictures are too perfectly hilarious! Your not moody, your my perfect little blossom!!!

  2. haha i love it. anything you ask tim, "what's it good for?" about that he sells in his store, the immediate answer will always be, "everything!" followed by more specific things. this is so tim.