I am the happiest girl that ever lived, 
because I am married to the happiest boy that ever lived 
– because he is lucky enough to be married to me. 
(At least that is how Timmy explains it.)
And this week is my Happy Birthday Week, 
on account of my birthday being this coming Friday. 
In celebration, Timmy has been showering me with sweet surprises. 
So far, I've gotten a surprise visit at work (my favorite), 
a surprise raspberry smoothie for lunch (three days in a row), 
a surprise gift of the game Jenga 
(which I have been wanting for months and months), 
a surprise painting of a pretty girl in a pink coat in London, 
a surprise smoothie cup from Starbucks,
a surprise meal from Chipotle,
and a surprise living room full of 24 colorful balloons!

So you see, 
I am the happiest girl that ever lived, 
because I am almost 24 years old 
and married to the cutest, sweetest, most darling boy that ever lived, 
and he is married to me. 
(That's how I explain it.)

(Tomorrow I get my great big birthday surprise. 
Timmy is very good at surprises…)


  1. He is the sweetest boy!!! That's so darling. I like birthday weeks. :) I feel that mine did not get proper recognition this year...seeing as how it was less than a week away from my wedding day.

    Happy birthday in thirty one minutes, Bea! *hugs*


  2. I am glad you feel showered with love my honey! That was 100% of my intent. I love buying you gifts and surprises. I love seeing your smile that says "wow you must really love me a lot"! Your my most special, beautiful, wonderful birthday girl today!!!

    I truly am the happiest I have ever been!!