A Conversation: About Hawaii

Timmy: We’re just in a different season of life this year than we were last year, babe…
Me: Yes. Literally. Since last year at this time we were in Hawaii… 
and it’s summer there.

It's true. I'm not sure why "Visiting Hawaii in November" didn't become
a yearly tradition.
(Oh. Well, I suppose that might have something to do with a little thing called Apple Wellness.)
Buuut. I am daily daydreaming of sandy Hawaiian beaches
and sunshiny skies painted the most brilliant shade of blue.

Flowers, sand, fresh tropical fruit, perfect weather, breathtaking scenery...
Oh, Hawaii...

But as I gaze at photos of our Hawaiian second honeymoon,
the most delightful memories are not the gorgeous flowers,
the fabulous beaches, or the mouth watering fruit.

My favorite part of Hawaii was something I brought with me,
and I get that part for keeps.

In truth, I should be saying that Hawaii is enchanting,
when your best friend is holding your hand
and you are drinking in the flowery air and smiling into ocean sunsets,


You can lose the Hawaii and still have Paradise,
but lose the husband … and you have nothing too special. 

In conclusion… it's the
handsome husband that makes Hawaii magical.
( So… who needs Hawaii anyway??)

1 comment:

  1. HAHA!! You are so amazing baby love!! My favorite part of Hawaii hands down and no contest was the amount of smiles and laughter that I got to see you experience! When you laugh its as if I am transported to another place! A place where everything is beautiful, wonderful, and blessed! I love you sweetheart!

    My wheels are always turning of how I can get you back to Turtle bay resort in Hawaii!!!