Twenty Four

24 is sweeter than 23
Because I am one year older.
And every moment that adds
to my age in this life
Brings me closer and
to your heart
How I love your heart.
So each second
each day
each year
is a little happier than the last.
I watch them pass
and I watch us grow
and I find that we are 
ever so much more
in love
than we were
when I was only 23.
24 is sweeter than 23
Because you make it so.

(My birthday was a special one. My presents included…
cozy flannel sheets, an old fashioned map of North America,
some classic books I've been desperately wanting, a delicious home made dinner… 
and tickets to see the Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical!!!!!!!!)



  1. happy belated birthday, becki! i hope you felt especially special on your day because you are! and what fun presents. :)

  2. My delicate flower. You are my dream come true. My sweetest treasure. One of my most important callings on this earth is to give myself to you in such a way that convinces you that your worth is more than mountains of gold and seas of diamonds.
    You are my amazing princess and I adore you!!!
    Happy Birthday again my lovely!