Bright Lights

It's not too often that a girl…
 driving down the beltline in Madison
(right next to the Park Street exit)

sees a billboard lit up by bright lights
and can calmly say

Umm wow... I designed that.

Tonight was one of those nights.

(Truthfully, there was nothing calm about my reaction.
I most certainly squealed and giggled
and made Timmy circle the beltline, over and over,
until I finally caught the perfect shot.
And I definitely sang a 
"my graphic design is on a billboard" song
all the way home…)


  1. awesome! not bright & cheery like most of your designs (i know-it wouldn't fit the message), so i wouldn't expect it from you, but very well done! messages like that are encouraging. not the billboard i saw today. "i used to believe in God. Now, I'm an atheist" or some wonderful message showing how "free" you can be here in madison.

  2. Yayyy!!!! This was beyond exciting sweetheart! I am just so proud to call you my wife! I feel like everything you touch becomes glorious!!!

  3. This a amazing! Great job Becki, you should be very proud! :)

  4. It's funny, I passed that billboard on my way home from a baby shower today, and all I could think of was how I loved how beautiful it was in its simplicity. So many billboards try to be big and flashy, and for me, they just fall into the background because it's what I'm used to seeing. This one stood out to me because of its good, clean design. Congrats!!