I have no idea how Twitter works. Neither does Tim. 
He calls “Tweeter”. (Unintentionally.)
But, he met a guy who told him that social media 
has now outranked “word of mouth” for the best way to grow business. 
And so, Apple Wellness has officially joined the world of “tweets”. 

Our first tweets went out yesterday, and we already have 26 followers. 
This sounds impressive, but it may not be. I don't know. 
The only thing I knew about Twitter, before this week, 
was that it had a very well designed logo. 
And great name recognition. 
The word "tweet" has pretty much been redefined.
Everyone has at least heard of Twitter and tweeting, 
even if they don’t use it themselves. Twitter is genius.

I love any business that has great design and great marketing.  
Apple Wellness is pretty good to go with the design part 
(if I do say so myself), 
and I'm pretty sure that Tim thinks that
Twitter is going to change our lives
(or at least our marketing strategies).
And so, "New Goals for Apple Wellness": 
Take over the United States with Twitter and creative marketing. 
Make Apple Wellness a household name. 
 Create a verb of our very own. 
Start a store in Hawaii. 
Move to Hawaii. 
Retire young.


  1. I was just commenting on how sad it is that we don't live closer...Hawaii is not close. (Just in case you are confused on that point.) How about you have a store in Hawaii that is managed by someone else but you take regular trips there to watch over the business. Of course your mom and dad could have some role in that business plan. Better, don't you think!

  2. Yay for Twitter!!! I am so excited that the word is getting out through Twitter. I just feel so professional.
    I could do NONE of these cool marketing things with out you babe. I think your kind of the kind of the genius for Apple Wellness!