When it comes to taking photos,  
Laura Zastrow is our favorite. 

On November 7th, 
almost exactly one year since we had our last photo shoot with Laura, 
we met her for an anniversary photo shoot. 
This may become a yearly tradition. 
I've mentioned Laura many times on my blog,
and it's no secret that I greatly admire her photography talent. 
She takes amazing photos.

I love that she encourages me to tell her my thoughts of what I want, 
and she gets excited about my creative ideas. 
Like "Mr." and "Mrs." pink balloon poses, 

gold framed smiles, 

and wedding picture props. 

Laura is so sweet and up for anything… 
even tramping through a field - nine months pregnant - 
to get a perfect "tall grass at sunset" shot. 

She makes me smile. 
And, in turn, she gets us excited about the texture 
in huge piles of discarded bricks, old doors, and buildings. 
Laura sees things in such a unique way - 
it is impossible to be with her and not feel inspired. 

And, just look at the magic she made for us with our shoot.

You see? 
There is a reason why I recommend her services to everyone I know! 
She's fabulous. Check out her website here: www.laurazastrow.com

And let me just say, one year later,
I'm still married to 
the handsomest man.


  1. Yippeeee! I love all of them. Every. single. one. I can't even choose a favorite - they're all my favorites!

    It was so fun hanging out w/ you and Laura on Friday! You said it's impossible to be with Laura and not be inspired, that's the way I feel about both of you! You're my very best bloggy friends! :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! You are too pretty, to gorgeous to explain. I love your hair, your eyes, your nose. I love every feature of who you are!
    Like trying to take a picture of the Grand Canyon is similar to trying to capture your beauty. I love you sweet heart.

    Thanks Laura! If I were gonna buy a picture of the Grand Canyon I would buy it from you!!!

  3. I would also like to argue that you BOTH are amazingly inspiring and brillant! :)

    Thanks for being so sweet!