Photo Shoot

Sunday afternoon was a perfect medley of bright balloons, photography, delightful company, and Timmy kisses.

Tim and I had the amazing opportunity to model for a truly talented photographer.

Meet Laura Zastrow. She often mentions her dreams of becoming a marvelous photographer, but I think she already is one, don't you?

Madison is the perfect place to take awesome urban photography. And Laura sees inspiration everywhere she looks. It was such a great experience to see her look at an old building and love the texture of the bricks or the color in peeling paint or the visual interest of broken glass windows. I felt like I was peeking inside her creative mind, and suddenly, I was looking at the world around me in a completely different way. It's a wonderful ability to see such loveliness and potential in things that others might view as unsightly. So much of the beauty around us is too easily missed. That's why people like Laura are so special. She finds that beauty, captures it, and shares it with others. And not only is she just so talented, but her personality is just so enjoyable, too.

Timmy and I spent the afternoon smiling and posing and cuddling and kissing in the warm sunshine. We carried a brilliant bunch of balloons all over Madison. We posed in parks, on benches, in a telephone booth, in stairwells and a parking garage, against graffiti walls and buildings, by bike racks, and even in bed. (Check out the foot photo! And isn't our new comforter set pretty?)

 I am so in love with my husband. Delightfully, blissfully, head-over-heels. And I think that love really shows in these photos. These five breath-taking photos. I found them in my inbox this morning, and I have had a huge smile on my face ever since.


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  1. This was such a fun day!! There is nothing I rather be "forced" to do than kiss and snuggle with my honey for 300 sum pictures! Laura had so many good ideas for us. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer!! Thanks again Laura, these pics will be all over our house forever! Although I think my wife's world renown beauty was the most stunning thing about each photo!!!