about laundry

In the almost-five months that Timmy and I have been married, we have done laundry three times. Three. It's true.

I think this proves a couple things. First, that we both have way too many clothes. (Don't worry, we never, ever wear dirty/smelly/stinky clothes.) Second, we don't especially love to do laundry.

It's not that doing laundry is a particularly loathsome chore. And we're really not lazy. It's just one of those chores that gets pushed farther and farther back. It's just that we would rather be snuggling  by the fire if we can push off laundry for just one more night.

Tim has officially run out of clean socks. Not me! I could probably wear a different pair of socks every day for at least two months. So, Tim has been borrowing MY socks. This worked nicely for a while, because I do have some boring black and brown ones. But, the majority of my socks are delightfully girly -- pink stripes, paisley, argyle, lace, etc.

On Sunday, we went shopping for new shoes for Timmy. A super cool looking salesman at the Buckle was helping us, bringing out boxes full of potential shoes to try on...

And then Tim took off his shoes. And we all just looked. Looked down at Tim's wiggling, pink striped feet. (And I noticed that his handsome face turned a very bright shade of red.)

After an awkward pause, Tim said nervously, "I umm.. I'm wearing my wife's socks today..."

"Yeah. Cool cool dude, whatever works, right?" The salesman avoided eye contact. (Boys are so weird.)

Me? I laughed. So. Hard.

As we were leaving the store (with the perfect shoes in hand) Tim firmly informed me that "we really HAVE to do laundry tonight, babe."

Well, it is Wednesday, and we still haven't done laundry. Today Timmy is prancing around in pink and purple ruffled knee socks.

And I have been giggling all day just thinking about it.

(I'll post a picture of my ruffled prince tonight, if I can convince him to pose for me...)


  1. Hahaha! Wow I can't believe this was displayed to the general public. Well now that its in the open i have to say that i like knee socks quite a bit. I am glad to report today I am back in my socks!! We did laundry last night!!!

  2. All I have to say is that I am in awe that you can go that long between loads of laundry!! I had just been lamenting about the numerous loads I am blessed to do a day! That said if you need a load done, I'm sure if you bring it over I wouldn't even notice, well maybe in the folding stage I would :)


  3. this is amazing. (we've done this too, but neither of us have very extravagant socks.)

    hoping for a photo.

    moreso hoping neither of you run out of clean undies.... :\

  4. it is not that hard to do laundry!!! it's not like you have to pound your clothes on rocks down by the creek! git er done youse two.

  5. This is hilarious! I'm not really all that surprised about your neglect of laundry though. I remember when you were in college.... Hey, I just realized something. This is why every time I've been in stores with you lately you have been buying undies for Tim!

  6. Missy O'BrienMarch 1, 2010 at 9:49 PM

    I am going to split a rib from laughing!
    I remember this day, and Timmy lifting his pant leg to reveal purple and pink socks! heeheehee
    I never knew about the Buckle salesman though! Oh my gosh this is hysterical! And i can relate about pushing off laundry. I can go 2 months...but then I always regret pushing it all off till then because it takes sooooo long! Love you both!