learning to surf.

Today Timmy learned to surf. For $75 they give you a surf board and a super cool blue swim shirt, right after you sign a waiver, promising not to sue them if you die.

The sun was shining and the waves were high. Timmy was outfitted in his bright blue swim shirt, ready to rock. The surf instructor was big and blonde, tall and tan. I think the ground may have shook a little as he walked toward us.

Tim and Goliath shook hands. (Why do guys always, always shake hands when they meet?)

"Hey, what's your name?" says Goliath.
"Hey bro, my name's Tim!" says handsome, adorable husband.
"Tim," says Goliath,  "I'm Shawn. Your shirt is inside out and backwards."
 "Oh." says husband, turning a bright shade of red.

And then my amazing husband learned how to surf. He's a natural, as you can tell by the photos above.

We are having such a magical time in Hawaii. I can't wait to share more pictures and stories.


  1. Well, that was a bit of a rough start but I'm happy that he recovered so nicely. Of course we knew that he would be an amazingly quick learner. Yay Tim!!

  2. I always feel a little smaller in front of Goliath type figures. I kinda feel like I have to hold a flex the whole time I am talking to them. So it was a little extra funny in front of everyone to have made such a silly mistake. But because I just love making people laugh so much its one of those mistakes I was glad to make:)

  3. Timmy you are the cutest and most handsome man in the world! Becki is so lucky to have an adorable husband to make the whole world laugh and smile even with silly mistakes! :) This is my favorite blog yet! I am proud my brother is such a skilled surfer and that Becki documents all your fun and magical adventures! And yes I am aware the last few sentences were run ons... :)