introducing Rebecca Beatrice O'Brien

Today I officially became Rebecca Beatrice O'Brien. (About time, huh?)

O'Brien is a great last name. And, as Becki O'Brien, I couldn't be happier. Tim and I have become we, the O'Brien family.

But I will admit to feeling like I've lost just a little bit of me. Becki Davison no longer exists, really. From now on, everyone who meets me will know Becki O'Brien and Becki Davison will be somewhat forgotten.

I had been Becki Davison for a long time -- 22 years -- and it served me quite well. I always felt that, while Davison was not an especially glamorous last name, I had been fortunate to not get stuck with a horrid or embarrassing or impossible-to-pronounce or dreadfully boring last name. My biggest complaint was that it was always mistaken for Davidson. No big deal.

Becki Davison is someone I know. Becki O'Brien is a new person to discover. I spent years building Becki Davison's reputation and character. I'm proud of the person Becki Davison was, of the choices she made and the things she accomplished. Becki O'Brien still has to prove herself.

So here's to Becki Davison. Here's to that blessed little baby, born into the happiest little family. Here's to the little girl with big brown eyes, who spent her days coloring pictures, and because she couldn't say her "R's", called herself "Webecca". Here's to the shy sweetheart who was loved and kissed and cuddled through her childhood by amazing parents and the very best sisters. Here's to the homeschooled teenager who graduated early and, honestly, truly, never really gave her parents any trouble. Here's to the college kid who worked long hard hours to earn her graphic design degree. Here's to the woman who chose to move to Madison just because the Lord told her to. And here's to the princess who saved her heart and held out for her perfect prince.

The days of Becki Davison are gone, but she will be remembered forever in the hearts of those who loved her. *sniff sniff*

And here's to the over-tired, emotional Becki O'Brien who is mourning the loss of the last name of her birth and desperately needs to go to sleep.


  1. you will have to give your first daughter the middle name "davison." then she will forever have your name, even though she will lose o'brien when she gets married someday. (:

  2. You are tooooo cute babe!!!! I can not tall you how honoring it is to have you change your last name to mine! Your giving yourself to me taking on O'Brien as your own. All the good and all the bad. Your such a gift, thanks for the sacrifice! I love you like the sunrise...in fact I think I'll take you to Hawaii as a gift!!! How about we leave tomorrow morning??!!

  3. Becki Davison was a very special little girl!

  4. Oh Sweet Bea, I miss my Davison girls too! Time flies by and you are all grown up. It seems a bit strange. But I am proud of the girl you were and the women you have become. You are amazing!