I am at a very happy place in my life. This past weekend my parents and my Granny stopped by for a visit. It was so special to see the culmination of generations of loving and growing and giving. That "someday" when I'll be holding grandbabies of my own seems so far off, and yet I know it will be here quicker than I could prepare for. 

Each phase of life brings such sweetness. I've witnessed my parents grow older and simultaneously grow happier.

It's such a funny thought, to think I could ever be happier than I am right now. 

And yet,

watching Daddy sing to Rosemary,
seeing Granny soak up Rosie smiles,
and silently feeling the joy of Mom as she is surrounded by those she loves…

I have proof that happiness grows…

and grows and grows.


  1. It is such a special thing to have a close family & to see the joy that it brings & to see how that love carries on! So sweet!! :)

  2. It sure does grow....thanks for the wonderful post!!!! I love you Bea...Dad

  3. I love my life to my darling!! I am forever enriched, blessed, and changed because of you!!!

    Thanks for being my perfect wife!!!