Baby Legs and Feetsies.

Remember these booties I made for Baby Love?

Well, they're even cuter on her feet. 

I am having way too much fun dressing up this little girl of mine.

Legwarmers are also a favorite. You can buy them, but they're easy and way cheaper to make. Just take a pair of girls socks, cut off the foot, and hem the end. She's modeling a lovely gray pair in the above picture while snuggling with her Grandpa. 

And here she is in her pink argyle version, while happily kicking around her bassinet. (Her onesie doesn't lie, Rosemary is a lucky duck when it comes to awesome aunties.)

Finally, a shot of our sweet baby in her totally rad zebra print legwarmers - an extra special outfit for her very first trip to visit Dad at work.


  1. Adorable sweetheart!!!

    Although I want to see more pictures of you on here. I CAN NOT believe how good you look 3 weeks after having a baby!!!!

  2. She looks so tiny!

    <3 Dana

  3. Those are adorable - and what a great idea! I agree - what a teeny-tiny little sweetie. :)

  4. This is SO cute! I love the leg warmer idea!!