Some Advice to Induce Labor.

 (after nap = looking frowsy = tim tied a ribbon around my belly and took a picture)

No baby yet! My due date is four days away, and I have been getting a lot of advice on how to encourage this baby to enter the world. Here are some of my favorites:

“Stare at the full moon.” (Hopefully I won’t have to wait to do that, as the next full moon is September 12!!)

"Swing on a swing." (We're giving that a try tonight.)

“Get a pedicure.” (Pressure points on your feetsies can induce labor. I tried to show Timmy where to push and neither of us really understood the process.)

“Eat spicy food.” (Disaster. I tried this one and ended up with severe jalepeno pepper burns on my hand… and no baby.) 

“Walk, walk, walk.” (I went on a 1.5 mile hike the other night, truly convinced that would do the trick. No. Luck.)

“Crawl around on your hands and knees.” (Not trying this one.)

“Castor oil.” (No thank you!)

“Evening primrose oil.” (I’ve been taking this for three weeks…)

“Talk to the baby, reassuring her you’re ready for her to be born.” (Yup, I even tried this one too. She’s not convinced.)

I’ve gotten several more tidbits, but they are not proper to share.  

Let me just say that whoever “THEY” are that say these things work… THEY are really just laughing at us poor pregnant women walking in circles around the block at midnight… during a full moon… while downing hot sauce and talking to their stomachs.


  1. patience my daughter....I love you!!!

  2. haha! That is hilarious!!! Cutey! I think I am gonna miss how adorable you look at this point!!!

  3. When my mum was VERY pregnant with me (right where you are about now) she was raking the yard and mowing the lawn. My dad was just sitting watching and people were giving him the dirtiest looks!

  4. Tooooo funny - you write so well! The "not proper" line made me laugh out loud. Come on Baby!