Baby Projects.

Baby projects are so fun. They're small, so they're quick to complete, and I get a little giddy when I see Rose in some sweet treasure that I made her myself. Mom and I have been having a blast knitting and crocheting her lots of pretty accessories. My favorites are these tiny baby fingerless mittens:

Seriously. Too cute for words. She looks beyond adorable in them, and they really do keep her fingers warm. I wasn't sure if they would actually stay on her hands, but trust me – it's harder to get them OFF than it is to get them on. You can find the pattern for them here:

The pattern also includes instructions for some cute cute legwarmers:

 And this Chubbie Wubbie legwarmer pattern makes some flashy rainbow legwarmers:

I call them "Rainbow Brite" legs.

I also knit her a cute bonnet to keep her head warm in the winter months. She looks so sweet in it, and for some reason she doesn't hate her bonnet nearly as much as she dislikes all other hats.

You can get the pattern here:

And finally, the completely adorable cap featured in our two month photos. She really can't stand wearing it, which is a shame since she looks like a flower fairy. You can find the free crochet pattern here:

Yeah, I kind of spend my days playing with a darling baby girl and knitting sweet projects. I'm officially done with my "real" job now, so "stay at home mom" is my new title. I'm really, really liking this life of mine.


  1. I love that you're whipping up all of these baby projects. She is adorable! And they look adorable on her!

  2. I never thought that I could be so excited about a pair of socks or a bonnet or leg warmers!! Being made by my princess of a wife and than perfectly fitted to my beautiful baby girl is enough to make me all girly about it!!!