Raw Tacos.

So, the other night we tried a new recipe for "Raw Tacos". Walnuts and spices and oil combined to create "meat". Cashews and apple cider vinegar and lemon to make "sour cream".

I normally get really grossed out by vegans who try to replicate "normal" foods like meat and dairy products using plant based ingredients. Walnuts should not masquerade as taco meat. It seems so silly.

And yet.

This was really, really good. Timmy says it was better than "real" tacos. Mixed with fresh salsa, lettuce, baby spinach, and guacamole – oh, my taste buds were dancing! And, aside from tasting good, you have the additional benefit of this actually being good for you. Raw nuts, green lettuce, raw veggies – a plate full of happy, healthy, raw goodness.

I know this recipe sounds really, really weird. But if you gave it a try, you just might find that you like it…

Find the recipe here:


  1. "... I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, I do not like them Sam I am..."
    I am glad you tried something new and it turned out to be Yummy!! (miss you!)

  2. Job well done sweet heart!! It tasted really good! I was just so surprised how similar the "meat" tasted to meat. You are a treasure. I love how you take care of our family's health!!!