The Book.

Meet Rosemary's best friend.

The Book.

It's an accordion style fabric book that has pretty, baby-friendly patterns on both sides. You can twist it and turn it and fold it a bunch of different ways. (My mom made this. She's aMAZing!)

We don't go anywhere without "The Book". The words, "Did you grab The Book?" are said multiple times a day by both Timmy and I. Rosemary is in love with this thing. 

Car rides, nap times, awake times, bed times – all times have been revolutionized by The Book. It's kind of uncanny how cries can be immediately transformed to smiles when she sees her favorite page of The Book. WE THREE LOVE THE BOOK. 

Our nights look something like this:
9:30 PM - Put Rosemary in her crib with The Book.
She falls asleep talking to it.

7:00 AM - Rosemary wakes up to eat.
7:30 AM - Put Rosemary back in her crib with The Book.
She plays for a while and falls asleep staring at her favorite page.
(Timmy and I sometimes get up at this point and accomplish
great things. But on mornings like today... we sleep in.)
9:30 AM - Wake up baby to feed her.

All this is made possible by The Book.


  1. hahaha. I love when she talks to the book!! She is our sweet lil darling isnt she?! Mom is awesome!!!!

    I love our family!!!