Christmas Card Photos…

… and Rosemary didn't like it much.

I made her a cute headband…

and she was all like,
"Why does this thing have to fall in my eyes, huh?"
 And then she cried. And cried.

and I tried to pull the
"it's my birthday, baby, please cooperate"

but that card doesn't work nearly as well on babies as it does on husbands.
Either that or she was thinking,
"Your birthday was actually two days ago MOM."

My birthday, by the way, was magical. Between Mom and Dad, Rosemary, Rynn, and Timmy… I got spoiled all the way around. I love birthdays. And now I'm twenty-five, which feels pretty amazingly old and a good age to be a mom of a three-month-old baby.

And believe it or not, we also managed to get one magical family photo for our Christmas cards.

And it wasn't this one.


  1. Ooooh, I love, love, love that headband! And you've added to Rosemary's room! It's beautiful!

  2. These are some incredibly cute photos! I really like our lil family!!!!

  3. Why didn't we notice the flower over her eyes? Poor little sweetie!!