Apple Cafe - Part Five

We are done.

Saturday, October 10th had been marked for months on our calendar with a huge "REVAMP DAY" across the date. And all of our work and efforts took shape and became something real:

As we stood, looking at our creation, Timmy turned to me and said, "Is it everything you hoped it would be?" And, even though my eyes had already picked up on several things that needed tweaking, I smiled back into his sparkling blue eyes and concluded, "Yes, it really, truly is."

I regularly design logos, greeting cards, wedding invitations, and brochures. Individual pieces of something bigger - it is easy to design a postcard that does not necessarily need to blend into a cohesive theme. But, to design an entire identity. To create a whole marketing campaign. To start from absolutely nothing.

I did it. And now I know I can do anything.

To view all of the revamp photos, go to: picasaweb.google.com/rb.obrien7/AppleCafe#

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  1. I have to say that I was amazed by Becki's work. There were so many levels to this creation. Pretty often I would say things like "honey I don't know if we need too make it that nice", but she would do the extra diligence every time. After having everything up I saw the importance of all the little things. She is the most imaginative artist and design-est I know! Way to go honey!!!