Apple Cafe - Part Three

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words was very, very right. Photographs catch eyes as people hurry by, stirring the appetite and creating a want. Our entire goal is to create that want, that desire for that customer to purchase what we're selling. People may miss words, but they never miss a picture.

And children, well they may not be able to read, but they notice everything. Nothing sells more than children pleading for a treat. But how can they ask for a smoothie, when, to their eyes, those smoothies don't even exist?

We made those smoothies come alive in a grueling 8 hour photo shoot.

When designing the smoothie photography shots, I determined that, to keep a cohesive, modern look, we would shoot the smoothies on a blank white background, with a straight on perspective. Each smoothie was carefully groomed and surrounded by its respective ingredients; strawberries, blueberries, chocolate, etc.

For the rest of the photography, I followed a similar shooting style. Although I did mix up the perspective on some shots, my photography retains the same simplicity throughout.

Sidenote: The best part about food photography? Getting to eat the props. Sometimes I like to pretend that the strawberries and blueberries auditioned for a "fruit modeling" job in my pictures. We picked the very prettiest fruits, shining them up and placing them just so. And sometimes I like to think that these pretty fruit models were just so delighted to live forever in my photographs. Sometimes I think they probably dreamed about this moment their whole fruity lives.

And that is what I thought about as I ate my fruit models.


  1. I got to make all these smoothies, and encourage through out the grueling process. It was amazing to me how long a single picture could take. Kinda like when Becki and I were preparing for our wedding and I said "honey it cant take more than 40 hours" at my 400Th hour working on the wedding I repented!

  2. Missy O'BrienMarch 1, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    So adorable! Literally as I read the first part of this post I thought "wow, what lucky fruit. Not all fruit can be "model fruit." and then I read your last paragraph and smiled my Becki smile because I had just discovered another way we are alike :) <3
    These are the prettiest smoothies I have laid eyes on, I showed these pictures to my friend I am so proud!