Apple Cafe - Part Four

When developing a marketing campaign, we determined our different types of customers, and what message would be most applicable to their lives.

Our goal for the first month after the switch was to create awareness of our "new things". In addition to a new look and a new name, we spent hours creating new smoothies, a new line of iced coffee drinks, new advertising, and new promotions.

New Smoothies
Because the original EN smoothie names had been borrowed from a friend, we had to rename all of the Apple Cafe smoothies. I love naming things, and definitely enjoyed some of the name switches. Now, doesn't Raspberry Radiance sound so much tastier than Raspberry Rave?

Additionally, we created three new smoothie recipes. This is not quite as easy as it sounds. Tim is amazing, and spent hours researching popular smoothie flavors, calculating the perfect blend of ingredients. And the result was well worth the effort:

New Iced Coffee
We expanded our coffee line and introduced three tasty new iced coffee drinks:

New Supplements:
Supplement sales account for a huge margin of our profit. Tim researched and found several exciting new supplements to bring in to Apple Cafe.

In addition to bringing in new supplements offerings, we also reorganized the existing supplements, making room for our "shelf talkers". These small signs sit next to the supplements, catching the customers' eyes, and explaining why this particular vitamin or supplement is beneficial. They are meant to entice and create interest. We kept the design simple and clean, with a larger "headline" proclaiming an eye-catching statement.

New Promotions
We spent hours of time and research, coming up with fresh new promotions for Apple Cafe. Our goal was to generate excitement and create interaction with our customers.

New Kids' Menu
Kids love things that are "just for them." EN Organic Smoothie Bar was not at all kid-friendly. No photos, no bright colors. We realized this was a huge market we had not even begun to tap into. So we created a Kid's Menu and Kid's Pick marketing campaign.

EN did offer Kiddie size smoothies, but the kid creativity ended there. So we created an entire Kid's Menu, full of healthy snacks that parents could confidently let kids choose from. For the Kid's marketing, I put a new twist on our apple logo, placing it upside down and sideways on the page. This adds a spark of playfulness and silliness, an element that appeals to children. Bright colors and crisp photography show off our Kid's Menu offerings.

Additionally, we started a new Kid's Pick program. Kid's absolutely love to choose things for themselves. Even if they only have two options. We created options, included a fun toy, and placed it all at kid's eye level.

And every other Tuesday is Kid's Day.


  1. Man I own the place and I want to buy everything!!! Its been up for only 2 weeks and were already seeing new customers and buying patterns being created! I love Becki!

  2. Missy O'BrienMarch 1, 2010 at 9:37 PM

    Raspberry Radiance > Raspberry Rave :)
    The kids market = pure genius
    Opening the box of toys with you and Timmy and laughing uncontrollably = one of the happiest moments of my life.