friday favorites - Paris

Paris is beautiful everywhere. Every building is ornately carved and adorned with statues, every street is lined with cafes and flower stands... and the Parisians are just so, so beautiful,too. It smells beautiful, sounds beautiful, and feels beautiful. The air is heavy with romance and magic, full of a bright expentancy for beautiful happenings. Even their language is beautiful. "Bonjour!" rolls off your tongue so smoothly, like a musical score.

Tim and I spent four beautiful days in Paris on our honeymoon, surrounded by flowers and French. Notre Dame was just as magnificent as the photos promised, and we picnicked on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower.

In London I felt like a tourist, in Ireland I was a fairy, but in Paris, I was a princess.

P.S. I had been warned that sometimes the French are a tad unfriendly to bright-eyed American tourists. I did not meet ONE unfriendly Parisian. They are perfectly lovely, and beautiful.

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  1. Paris is wonderous and amazing. I think all one needs to do too experience this wonderous city is...take a walk. Walk up and down the streets. Say hello to the locals when they look at you. Go into the shops and buy things, the exchange is worth the conversation you will receive. Buy flowers for whomever your with. Walk by the river Seine. Go eat at the first restaurant you'll see and it will probably be incredible(or check 10 to 20 restaurants and than pick one:). Listen to the symphony that goes all around you, Gaze at the life that surrounds you, and Feel the emotion that is Paris...Becki your the love of my life and Lord willing I will take you back there!