friday favorites (3 days late) - autumn

Autumn is perfectly glorious. I love how it is just so easy to take an amazing photo in autumn, because the trees do all the work. Bursting with color, just waiting for you to notice their beauty. So beautiful and really, there is nothing like the smell of autumn. This past weekend was a joyous celebration of love and autumn.

Friday night came cold and blustery, the perfect kind of evening to stay inside, light the fireplace, and bake a spicy apple pie. I absolutely adore foods that smell like fall, and apple pies are truly autumn, through and through. And nothing beats eating hot-from-the-oven pie in the firelight with a handsome hubby.

Saturday. Bundled up in warm layers, we drove out to Treinen Farm and saw oh SO cute baby kitties and chickens and horses! We had great adventures in the pumpkin patch, and found the perfect pumpkins. And our pumpkin choices really did reflect our very different personalities...

And we went home and carved our pumpkin treasures.

On Sunday we drove out to Devil's Lake State Park after church and frolicked, (yes, frolicked), in forests painted with pure autumn delight. The leaves were breathtaking. And my husband has the bluest blue eyes. Autumn is a good season for him, because his eyes simply dazzle when surrounded by fall colors. We took countless pictures, and pretended we were pioneers on a journey to Oregon. Nothing, nothing can beat bright autumn rambles, mysterious and imaginative, with my Timmy's hand in mine.

And when, at the end, I regretted wearing ballet flats to go hiking, Timmy carried me.


  1. This was such an amazing adventure! There is NOTHING I love more than going adventuring with my incredible Lord and my breathtaking wife! The air was crisp and perfect, but breathing in my wife was ecstasy. She is my treasure.

  2. Sweet Bea, You are so amazing. I feel happy and warmish after reading all your beautiful words and seeing your photos. My dial up made that rather difficult so it was a long process. But certainly worth the wait! I never did get to see the peacock card. Bring it home with you!!!