Twenty Nine.

Baby Love is over 15 inches long this week,
kinda like a loaf of sourdough bread.

This week, in our birth class, we learned how to have the baby in a car. You know, just in case everything moves so quickly we don’t have time to get to the birth center. I think - and I may be mistaken - but I truly think that, judging from the thrill of excitement in his eyes, Timmy thinks this birth option would be a pretty great adventure. Not me!

My sweet coworkers threw us a baby shower this week. Timmy joined the fun and enjoyed meeting the people I work with, eating double chocolate vegan cupcakes (from the Daisy Café and Cupcakery – YUM!), and helping me open a stack of beautifully wrapped gifts. We were definitely spoiled and completely overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity. Wash cloths, burp cloths, clothes, swaddle blankets… and more. They even bought me the pink bath tub I had registered for. (What? Pink matches my bathroom...)

I went home that night and just slowly examined each treasure, rubbed my hands on the soft onesies, twirled the swaddle blankets in my fingers, and really, truly, nearly cried when pulling out a hooded towel with “I love my Daddy” embroidered on the top.

I don’t know if Baby Love will have my eyes or my complexion, and I have no idea what personality traits we will share. (Judging from her enthusiastic bouncing in my tummy, she will have her father’s energy.) But, I do know that we already have one thing in common. 

Both of us adore this guy named Tim O’Brien with all our hearts. 

She’ll call him “Daddy” and I’ll call him “Hot Stuff”
and he’ll make sure our lives are never boring.
(Let’s just hope her life doesn’t start in the backseat of our car!)


  1. LOVE YOUR DRESS! You guys are too cute. Why am I not surprised Tim was excited by the idea of life starting in the backseat of the car? Heehee!

  2. Cutest!!! You look so cute with that headband on! I love it!! After learning so thoroughly about birth I feel like I could deliver our baby! Which would be effective later in life with our little one. I could be like "do not talk back at me! I delivered you!" hahaha.

    I am gonna love being a parent with you darling!!!!