Mini Vegan Donuts.

One day Mrs. O’Brien mused wistfully to Mr. O’Brien that she truly craved a delicious donut. But alas, all available donuts contained milk, something Becki could not consume. There was, in one of her cookbooks, a recipe for vegan donuts, but it required a special donut pan and she had no earthly idea of where to find such a thing. 

Mr. O’Brien declared with great gusto, “We shall find a donut pan and you shall feast on vegan donuts tonight!” So the search began. They set off and tried all the locations they could possibly think of, tirelessly searching for several hours, but had absolutely no luck. 

Becki was ready to give up completely and turned her thoughts to finding a picture frame for the baby’s nursery at a retail establishment called Saver’s. As she was examining the second hand treasures in the frame aisle, Timmy tripped off to the kitchen section in one last valiant effort to find a donut pan. Mr. O’Brien does not accept defeat without a fight. Moments later he came bounding around the corner with great glee, clutching the most adorable MINI donut pan they had ever encountered. And for only $3, the price was perfect. Fate was truly smiling down on them. 

The happy couple couldn’t believe their good fortune and went straight home to bake Becki’s desired vegan donuts. The end result was a batch of deliciously delightful itty bitty donuts, dipped in vegan chocolate and dotted with bright sprinkles. 

It has been rumored that they ate the entire batch of mini donuts
in one night.

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  1. hahahah!!!! Yayyy! That was so fun and exciting! I was so happy to finally make one of your "mini" dreams come true!!!