Twenty Eight.

Baby Love is 14.8 inches long this week, 
about the size of a… *bottle of grapefruit juice.

Yesterday Tim and I had a conversation that went like this, “Oh Babe… I’m just getting a little uncomfortable… and lately Baby Love has been hooking her little toes under my right rib and kicking and it’s just really bothering me…” to which Timmy responded, “Really?! THAT’S AMAZING! I’m so excited! That’s the first time you said the baby was making you uncomfortable! That means we’re getting close to the end.” To which I responded, “Yes. Amazing.”

I like being married to Timmy because he gives me amazing perspective on life. Truly, feeling the baby hang like a bat from my ribcage IS AMAZING. The fact that I have a healthy little 28 week old baby IS AMAZING. The fact that we have less than twelve weeks left until my due date IS AMAZING.

Amazing is the only way to look at it, because if I dwell on the negative parts (bruised ribs, getting woken up in the middle of the night by a swift kick, etc.) then I totally lose the amazingness of being pregnant and this period of pregnancy is SO fleeting in the grand scheme of life.

While we’re talking about amazing things, I should mention that we’ve started taking natural birth classes – and they’re amazing. The more I learn about giving birth, the calmer I feel and the more I’m certain that bringing this baby into the world is going to be an AMAZING experience. 

In conclusion, we’re all amazing at the O’Brien house. Tim, Becki, and Baby Love are happy and thriving in a state of amazed happiness.  

*It's getting harder and harder to find fruits and veggies the right size. And despite my amazing state, this week was exhausting and when it came time to take our weekly photo... grapefruit juice was the only 14 inch thing in my fridge that wouldn't require a trip to the grocery store. 


  1. hahaha! You are to cute sweetheart! I feel like you have given me a whole new improved look on life too! You truly gave me a whole new look and dimension to my life! I adore every step we take together!!

  2. You look adorable! I'm glad you have Tim to help give you positive thoughts on the less comfortable parts of pregnancy :)

  3. You are too cute, Becki! I always look forward to these posts to see how you're doing. :)