Twenty Six.

Baby Love is 14 inches long this week,
about the size of a leek.

In reality, the leek was longer than 14 inches, but we got out a tape measure and chopped it off at the correct length. It is getting harder and harder to find fruits and veggies the right size, and I think Baby Center is a little off with some of its weekly visuals. This week’s was cauliflower, but I have yet to see a 14 inch cauliflower…

My overall feeling for this week has been tired and - when I realized that this is the final week of my second trimester – melancholy. I am excited for September to draw nearer, but I’m also a little anxious as I contemplate everything this last trimester brings. 

I have been reflecting on all the best moments of Trimester Two - no more morning sickness, feeling Baby Love’s first flutters – and this week I've been soaking up these last days of being in the middle of my pregnancy. Everything seemed to even out in this trimester, and somewhere between weeks 14 and 26 I became totally used to and comfortable with carrying this life inside me. It was smooth sailing and I had almost forgotten that eventually I will no longer be pregnant and this baby WILL make an appearance at the end of these nine (ten) months. Really? I was beginning to feel (quite contentedly) as if I would be pregnant forever. 

I love being pregnant. It’s such a beautiful, miraculous journey, and I honestly feel as if these months have been some of the happiest of my life. It’s bittersweet to see an end in sight.

But at the end of these last three months
is the promise of meeting Baby Love – finally - face to face.


  1. Becki, that dress is darling on you! And it's so refreshing to hear how much you're loving pregnancy. I'm scared of it for someday! I'm so excited for you to see your little one's face for the first time!

    p.s. I'd love to get together with you soon! I'll facebook you!

  2. YOU MY GORGEOUS GIRL!!!! Our baby is gonna come out with some stunning good looks thanks to you!
    Each time a week past and I think of all that is happening, I get more glad and thankful that your the mommy!
    You are perfect to me!!