Twenty Five.

Baby Love was 13.5 inches long last week,
about the size of a Greek cucumber.  

My 25th week of pregnancy was spent walking up hundreds of Greek stairs, exploring the ancient ruins, and sightseeing in Athens. We happened to find this incredibly long cucumber at one of the many fruit and veggie stands in the Grecian seaside village we spent several days at and decided it was the perfect length to use for a 25 week belly shot. Let me just say that, looking at these pictures, I have a hard time believing that 13.5 inches of anything could fit inside my belly.
But, I must look legitimately pregnant now because nearly everyone commented on my belly and asked me "how many months" I was. I would hold up six fingers to show six months and receive loud exclamations of "I hope he comes out strong!" and "Oompa!". One of our waiters told me that "Children are like angels from heaven" and showed us many pictures of his son that he had stored on his phone. Greeks love children and I was told repeatedly that “Children are life! They are everything and bring the whole family joy.”

Baby Love was especially wiggly last week, especially on the plane rides. Every time the plane hit any turbulence I could feel her kicking crazily near my ribs. Several times I could feel a tiny arm or leg push out and I could actually feel the hardness of a small hand or foot. Her usual schedule of sleeping during the day and becoming active at night was totally flip flopped due to the time change, and I enjoyed being awake for all her little flutterings. 


  1. These photos are amazing! So fun to read about this part of your journey in pregnancy while in Greece.

  2. Sweetheart! I am just so proud of you in every way. I get so excited when I think of the fact that I get you as the mother of our baby. Also that I get you as MY wife for all my days just gets feel so filled with gladness!

    I had such a wonderful trip with you sweetheart!!!